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On 5 April Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Gennady Gatilov spoke on Russia's behalf at the Brussels conference "Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region"

You can find below some excerpts from his statement.
- We are confident that it is not possible to resolve humanitarian problems without reaching a political solution.
- Russia, Turkey and Iran jointly launched the Astana format. Thanks to this initiative it has become possible to resume the intra-Syrian negotiations, the last round of which has just taken place in Geneva.
- We consider it unacceptable to use the humanitarian leverage to influence the sovereign choice of the Syrians. It is indispensable to depoliticize the humanitarian dossier, to stop artificially inflating “tragedies of the day”. The provision of the humanitarian assistance should be carried out in direct coordination and in a mutually respectful dialogue with the legitimate Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, which, unfortunately, once again was not invited to the Conference. This is not the right approach.
- The majority (est.at 13-14 million people) of the population of Syria are concentrated in the territories under the control of the Government. Meanwhile only about 1,5 million people live in the territories under the mixed control of forces of the so-called “moderate” armed opposition and terrorists from Nusra.
- One should not call for the provision of humanitarian assistance to the population of Syria and at the same time expand restrictions against the Syrian Arab Republic, which affect the most vulnerable segments of the population.
- Russia provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria both through international humanitarian organisations, through which we have already allocated more than 45 million dollars, and using bilateral channels directly to Syria.
- The Russian military, risking their lives, distribute on a daily basis humanitarian aid to the population, including in frontline areas. 
- We really do not understand the position of those who paid much attention to humanitarian convoys in eastern Aleppo at the time when the warehouses there, as it transpired later, were stocked up with medicines. Why the same people forgot about the need to help this city after the terrorists had been expelled from it? This is yet another sign of "double standards"!
- Now we should also focus our agenda on the issues of assisting Syria in restoring the social and economic infrastructure: providing electricity and water supply, reviving and setting up schools and hospitals in the areas liberated from terrorists. It is not humane to link the solution of this task with the so-called "day after agreement" and, under this pretext, to precondition such agreement.
- Urgent measures are also required for the humanitarian demining of the Syrian territory, in particular aimed at preserving invaluable cultural treasures for future generations. We call for the formation of an international coalition on demining of the Syrian territory. Russian sappers are already actively working on it.
- The Russian Federation is ready to develop, on a solid international legal basis, equitable cooperation with all those who wish to make a constructive contribution to the Syrian settlement.